As a BioSecurity firm, Clean Solutions excels in providing customized, cost-effective solutions for micro-organic issues. Our team of biosecurity experts emphasizes innovation in products and services to enhance both commercial efficiency and human well-being. We actively participate in partnerships with global, commercial, and humanitarian initiatives to address concerns related to odors and contamination, which can potentially impact product integrity, infrastructure, and public health, by harnessing the power of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology.

Biosecurity experts, disinfect and deodorize your surfaces effectively with Chlorine Dioxide.

Biosecurity Expert

Furthermore, Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) boasts a multitude of approvals, rendering it a versatile solution. The U.S. EPA has granted authorization for its usage as a disinfectant, deodorizer, and sanitizer, while it has also gained recognition from the FDA as a food preservative and additive.

Moreover, ClO2’s adaptability becomes evident as it functions as a potent selective oxygenizer, precisely targeting and eradicating viruses, bacteria, odors, and mold. Its applications span diverse scenarios, including surface treatment, atmospheric use, and the creation of liquid sprays, wipes, immersions, or vapors for comprehensive disinfection.

In our tireless pursuit of crafting a more robust and safer sanitizer, Verisan™ takes its place as our signature flagship product.

What makes it so powerful, you may wonder, are our biosecurity experts?"

In the field of disinfection, we leverage the potency of chlorine dioxide to efficiently eradicate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Notably, our products are formulated without our active ingredient, ClO2, which holds both FDA and EPA approval, a fact known to every biosecurity expert. It’s worth noting that this registered ingredient is often a closely guarded secret among major retailers.

In the contemporary world, the demand for robust disinfection solutions has surged. We take pride in our dedication to delivering the highest quality sanitizers at a price that remains exceptionally affordable.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainable Biosecurity Expert

Clean Solutions, with the guidance of biosecurity experts, is fully committed to reducing our environmental footprint. To elaborate further, our unique mixing system incorporates one reusable container and two distinct parts, Part A and Part B. Additionally, these kits have the capacity to generate anywhere from 1 to 10,000 gallons of safe and highly effective disinfectant solutions.

Moreover, our integrated system, under the direction of biosecurity experts, goes a step further by efficiently eliminating more than 90% of petroleum plastics from 25 gallons of conventional disinfectant. It’s important to note that conventional disinfectant products are typically found in single-use disposable containers, such as 32oz (16oz) or 8oz options.

In our relentless pursuit of this goal, we are dedicated to sourcing and providing our valued customers, with the guidance of biosecurity experts, with the highest quality components, ensuring they are meticulously balanced in terms of concentrations and ratios.

Biosecurity Expert

In acknowledgment of our responsibility to promote global safety, health, and sustainability, we are committed to making our products accessible to everyone. Through the provision of valuable solutions that improve people’s well-being, we find fulfillment in our steadfast dedication to advancing both optimal health and commercial productivity.

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Beyond Products: Our Mission for a Safer and Cleaner World with Biosecurity Expertise

In our pursuit of becoming a leading disinfection company, we recognized the imperative to go beyond a product-centric approach. Acknowledging the importance of a greater mission and deeper motivation, we embarked on this venture.

Clean Solutions proudly offers a diverse product range, thoroughly substantiated through scientific testing. These products demonstrate exceptional efficacy in eliminating harmful microbes, viruses, pests, insects, and germs.

Our steadfast commitment to safety and environmental responsibility is manifested in our rigorous ingredient and formula selection. Our meticulous evaluation process guarantees that our products adhere to the most stringent safety and eco-friendly criteria

Exceptional customer service is strived for by us, and it can be effortlessly accessed through various channels. Contact can be made with us through email or by reaching out to us.

Exceptional customer service is strived for by us, and it can be effortlessly accessed through various channels. Contact can be made with us through email, and our phone line (+‪(414) 666-4637‬) is also available.

Quality Assurance Processes

Quality Assurance Processes

Additionally, we take pride in offering professional consulting and execution services.

professional consulting and execution services


By adhering to regular HVAC maintenance, you can effectively mitigate issues such as dirty ductwork and filters contaminated with pollutants, ultimately enhancing indoor air quity


Concerned about the safety of your home? Discover how our potent bulk sanitizers can effectively eliminate germs and disinfect your entire living space.


Ensuring thorough cleaning and deodorization for your business is crucial. Transitioning to Clean Solutions, you can effectively disinfect all surfaces in your establishment by using fogging techniques.


In search of a medical-grade cleaning solution? Look no further – Clean Solutions offers medical-grade chlorine dioxide, suitable for both regular wipe downs and fogging

We do not claim that our products or their materials are safe or effective for human consumption. However, the seller explicitly guarantees the product’s adherence to its chemical description.

We also do not offer additional warranties, whether expressly stated or implied, such as merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose, beyond the statements on our label.

Please be aware that our claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not meant for treating, diagnosing, curing, or preventing any diseases

You can find our Internal Tracking #: 167296 and Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) EPA Registry CAS Number: 10049-04-4 on CleanSolutions.tech. Our headquarters are located at Mind Science Labs LLC P.O. Box 8 Dixon, NM, 87527. For your reference

Furthermore, our information has not undergone evaluation or approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration. However, we have referenced studies that received approval from authoritative bodies such as the EPA, FDA, WHO, PubMed, and others. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to emphasize that we refrain from making claims regarding the safety, efficacy, or quality of the materials we provide. 

The United States Food and Drug Administration has not conducted evaluations on any of our information. Additionally, our products are not designed for the purpose of treating, preventing, or curing any diseases. We strongly encourage you to seek further education on these matters

Furthermore, we have consistently centered our unwavering commitment on a central objective: creating a more robust and secure sanitizer. We exemplify this achievement through our flagship solution – VeriSan™.

Safety and Effectiveness of VeriSan™

When it comes to sanitizer options, we wholeheartedly prioritize delivering not only the most potent bulk solution but also the safest one. Our products are expertly formulated to effectively combat germs while maintaining a gentle touch on your skin. Whether you require a dependable hand sanitizer or seek to disinfect your pet’s fur, VeriSan™ stands as your trusted choice. Furthermore, our products guarantee the absence of any lingering, undesired residues.

Safety and Effectiveness

Verisan™: The Ultimate Odor Eliminator

Furthermore, chlorine dioxide serves as a comprehensive odor eliminator. Additionally, Verisan™ offers a hassle-free solution for pet accidents and farm animal clean-up. If you’ve spilled something on your kitchen counter and can’t seem to eliminate the odor, Verisan can swiftly erase odors within minutes.

In today’s world, the demand for enhanced cleanliness solutions is higher than ever. Moreover, we are dedicated to providing the most potent sanitizer on the market while ensuring affordability. Don’t wait; take action today to safeguard yourself and your loved ones by exploring our selection of potent and secure bulk sanitizers.