Chlorine Dioxide Myths And Facts

Chlorine Dioxide Myths And Facts

Myths about chlorine dioxide claim that when the gas comes into contact with water, it produces hydrochloric acid.

Water does not react with chlorine dioxide gas. It stays as a dissolving chlorine dioxide gas in water . Carbon dioxide also dissolves in carbonated beverages. Also this unique property allows it to stay effective in solution and kill microorganisms both in the water and on surfaces this water touches. Similarly, Chlorine Dioxide is different from chlorine. For example carbon dioxide is significantly different from elemental carbon .Similarly, how diamonds are not at all similar to graphite. Moreover, Hydrochloric acid CANNOT and will not get form in water while using ClorDiSys’ pure chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine Dioxide Myth

Chlorine dioxide myths also say that it corrodes stainless steel.

Our pure chlorine dioxide DOES NOT corrode stainless steel. Furthermore, acidic by-products  can corrodes stainless steel.

Chlorine Dioxide Myth

Chlorine dioxide gas is safe on most electronics. In addition to decontaminating many computers and other electrical devices with no adverse effects. In fact, companies are using chlorine dioxide gas to decontaminate the inner chambers of a $3,000,000 Transmission Electron Microscope. It is superior to Hydrogen peroxide vapor  for its superior material compatibility .It is well known fact through manufacturer testing. Below are test results from an EPA study showing the amount of computer failures after sterilant exposure during period of 6 months.

The US EPA shows that Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is more corrosive compared to Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2).

Computers make use of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide by the US EPA over the course of 6 months.

Chlorine dioxide is showing lowest amount of failures

Computers tests includes ON and OFF

*Over time, oxidizers will oxidize, ferrous metals and other sensitive materials gets an effect. This goes for all oxidizers, including both chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. As shown in the chart at the top of this page however, chlorine dioxide shows lower oxidation potential than other common agents.

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