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VeriSan is the only cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing product you’ll ever need, whether you’re in a commercial or residential environment. VeriSan™ is an ideal option for home or big commercial operations, such as farms and factories, but also outlets like hair salons, churches or gyms.

Are you a business owner that depends upon in-person consumers? It’s not easy for people in the retail or service industry. The residential Commercial job is to make customers feel safe and protected enough to return to business. Maybe you need to sterilize your church, restaurant, gym, or other commercial areas? Forget your big brand, diluted cleaners. VeriSan™ is the best and most reliable bulk sanitizer clean and deodorizer on the market.


ClO2 is our active secret ingredient. This technology has actually been revealed to be reliable against a very wide range of germs, fungi, and viruses including H1N1, MRSA, Coronavirus, HIV, Legionella, Hep A, and B; Ebola infection, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Avian Influenza, E-Coli and many others!. It can kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria. Use it to deep clean big areas or big messes. Or use it for everyday little messes.


Microorganisms have the best living and reproducing environment in health care settings due to at-risk clients at full capacity. Residential Commercial Chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial biocide that destroys germs, viruses, odor and mold, some parasites, and fungi in clinics, and other public places. Furthermore, the nature of action has anti-inflammatory effects and aids in the healing of wounds, while disinfecting in minutes.

Those who are immune-compromised, especially the senior, are deficient in extremely reactive free radicals, which are required to assault virus and bacteria invaders that can produce disease. Chlorine dioxide works in killing over 200 infections, and illnesses including Coronavirus, Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis, and many more. Chlorine Dioxide eliminates bacteria, fungus and infections, mold and mildew, and all without the cleanup. Keep your enjoyed ones safe and functional with Clean Solutions™.

Children catch flues and colds, get conjunctivitis, and a wide variety of other illnesses rather frequently, so right-cleaning childcare facilities is an important aspect. Frequently put items in their mouth and they might not always cover their cough or sneeze. Residential Commercial Daycares, schools, senior centers, and those who maintain buses are presented with a difficult concern of eliminating bacteria on rough surfaces. To decontaminate drinking fountains, chalkboards, chairs, desks, tabletops, cooking areas, dishes, silverware, highchairs, toys, other surfaces in daycares and schools.

Dining Establishments, Grocery Stores, Churches, Gyms, Salons, Farm, Fleet & Food Processing Areas

VeriSan ™ utilizes chlorine dioxide as its trump card. ClO2 destroys viruses, fungi, and any other risk that might come your way. The best part? It’s safe to utilize in your factory, or commercial outlet, in your house, on your skin or pets, your food contact surfaces, some foods, your farm animals, or your fleet of buses.

There are times that kitchen areas have a challenging time handling Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and E-Coli, which can be unintentionally sent to food. Food security requires every tough surface area to be sterilized with an EPA and FDA authorized product. Chlorine dioxide can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and infections and the EPA has deemed it safe to use on numerous raw foods, along with food contact surface areas, common kitchen area appliances, containers, water supply, and for a range of other commercial food applications.


The challenge of keeping people as safe as possible presents public facilities. ClO2 is safe for skin, making it the best sanitizer for germs in schools, lunchrooms, medical facilities, day cares, and for fleet facilities and transport centers to help keep high levels of cleanliness. It’s easy to apply by spraying it into the air on a surface without any residue, rinse or cleanup needed.

There isn’t a gym or gym facility that hasn’t had concerns handling the spread of fungi and other extremely infectious bacteria in locker spaces and steam baths. Residential Commercial While Athlete’s Foot doesn’t usually present a severe health concern. It can be lethal for people with Diabetes or diminished immune systems. Chlorine Dioxide removes 61 kinds of fungus, algae, mold, or yeast including athlete’s foot. Foot Fungus connected with health-related infections in public like ringworm.

Kennel, Clinics, Catteries, Animal Enclosures, & Veterinary Offices

Finally, a safe yet efficient sanitizing option for your family, your pets, or your animals. VeriSan™ (Chlorine dioxide) is gentle enough to decontaminate pets’ coats and skin, and remove the smell, and it’s strong enough to clean big animal housing areas, farms, kennels, and animal healthcare facilities. It can be used just about anywhere you would like your animals to be clean. Simply spray the affected area and VeriSan™ will eliminate odor-causing germs. No other product can destroy odors without the need to wash or rinse.

When an infected animal comes to an animal care facility it can quickly turn into a serious epidemic. ClO2 is an EPA-registered clean and clean. Cleanliness is essential to a clients’ health and recovery against infections like Dog Parvovirus, or Feline Calicivirus Infection. Although the infection does not live long beyond the body it can still spread on surface areas. VeriSan’s effective selective oxidation will quickly eliminate hazardous germs leaving behind no hazardous residues, for sensitive paws to soak up or lick.

Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful selective biocide which indicates it picks off pathogens that may be damaging to human beings and bigger animals. Its powerful decontamination qualities, combined with its absence of toxicity, make the perfect solution. For a myriad of health-related animal applications, like skin infections, rashes, and lacerations.

Use VeriSan™ For Fogging to Surpass Your Daily Disinfecting.

When used properly it’s now safe for use in your house. It’s about time to give yourself some peace of mind for using cost-effective disinfecting solutions. For a medical facility, grade clean every time. It’s safe on all porous or non-porous, NON-food surfaces to rid yourself of odors and decontaminate. Apply across whole rooms, restroom, bedroom, living rooms, storage areas, basements, attics, and much more! For applications where we don’t need to disinfect the entire space, we can trap or tent tools and equipment and fumigate them right in place. Lowering treatment times and expenses, this will allow us to deal with a smaller-sized volume compared to decontaminating the entire space.

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