Clean Solutions provides a convenient, portable, extremely effective, and safe-for-the-skin sanitizer that can be used anywhere you travel to disinfect your hands and skin contact, surfaces, or indoor air.









Have peace of mind while traveling, taking vacation, or working with the public, with the portable sanitizer VeriSan. Use ClO2 on every surface and in highly trafficked areas. Frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected routinely throughout the day.

ClO₂ is preferred because it does not require rinsing or wiping down after applying — greatly reducing the time needed by personnel. Treat decontamination right from the source and control your environment. Chlorine Dioxide is a WHO-approved surface disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, and fungicide that is effective against bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.

To kill germs and viruses

  • Light Concentration 20 ppm
  • Skin contact Concentration 50 ppm
  • Heavy Concentration100 ppm

Concentration 50 ppm – disinfect hands and skin

Concentration 5 ppm – sanitizing and deodorizing water in all retention basins


One Clean Solution kit of VerisanTM can be customized to make 1000 gallons of drinking water, 15 gallons of skin-safe sanitizer, 30 gallons of surface disinfectant, and can provide a safe virucide used at higher concentrations. Use it to sterilize and clean meat, fruit, or vegetables, with no rinse required (plus over 300 other uses.) VerisanTM is eco-friendly, and it works better and faster than bleach, alcohol, or peroxide. This kit is extremely portable, while its activating ingredients fit in the palm of your hand. Just mix 1 part A, and 1 part B, then wait 30 seconds and add any source of available water. Travel safely and have peace of mind knowing you are prepared, even in case of an emergency, while camping, or on a routine basis.


The water system of most recreational vehicles and vessels, as well as almost any surface inside and out, can be treated with chlorine dioxide. This includes water storage and decontamination as well as transfer lines. Keep your loved ones safe, equipment, water systems, and facilities operational with Clean Solutions.

Water treatment applications

Concentration 5 ppm – rinse tanks and lines
Concentration 50 ppm – shock treatment

Concentration 100 ppm – slug dose to control water and sanitize machines








Our 2-part point-of-use (point-of-generation) technology is easy and fast to mix. Chlorine Dioxide can be used to control a variety of pathogens, regardless of pH changes including under pH conditions as high as 12. The oxidizer chlorine dioxide is effective and prevents the formation of algae and biofilm. To disinfect water holding tanks or transfer lines a shock treatment is recommended two times per year. It involves using 20-50 ppm chlorine dioxide, which must be maintained for 12 hours. Then the system should be rinsed.






Chlorine dioxide is effective in drinking water and is commonly used in industrial and municipal water treatment. It kills more than 220 microorganisms in water and surfaces that it touches. Tap water, dam water, and distilled water can be used to remove slime, control diseases, alga, or infective fungal spores. To make drinking water safe from bacteria and parasites (protozoa) like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, very low doses are used. This substance has been used in wastewater for over 100 years without any resistance.

Water system applications

  • Concentration 0.25 ppm – remove algae & biofilm
  • Concentration 50 ppm – maintained for 12 hours

Concentration 5 ppm – pools, ponds, fountains, and displays

Concentration 0.8 ppm – Destroy bacteria & viruses

Concentration 20 ppm – destroy mold, and foodborne diseases










Apply to all of your surfaces in the kitchen, campground, and other cookery surfaces/areas, including; counters, sinks, drains, countertops, appliances, refrigerators, ice-makers, greasy stoves, hoods, metals, stainless steel, tools, utensils and more.

Gyms & Locker Rooms

Exercise Equipment & Studios

Saunas & Steam Rooms

Athletic Equipment


It is common for a gym or club to have problems with bacteria, fungus and other contagious microorganisms being spread in steam rooms and locker rooms. Although Athlete’s Foot is not a major health problem, it can pose a threat to the lives of those who have weakened immune systems. Chlorine Dioxide can kill 61 types of fungi and yeasts, as well as algae, associated with public health-related infections such as ringworm. See PROFESSIONAL USE or SKIN CONTACT For More Information about infections and infectious diseases.


Watch this short video to learn more about OUR Eco-friendly PRODUCTS

1. Mixing

Put a few drops of concentrate and a few drops of activator into a glass or plastic container

2. Wait

Set aside for one minute and wait for the solution to turn an amber, yellow color.

3. Fill with Water

Add clean water to fill the rest of the container and you’re ready to sanitize

4. Start Cleaning

Find a surface you want to clean and use it just as you would a normal cleaner.

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