Chlorine Dioxide As An Effective Disinfectant

Chlorine Dioxide as an Effective Disinfectant Solution for Killing Viruses on Surfaces

Chlorine Dioxide As An Effective Disinfectant. It is an excellent economical option and safe alternative to harsher chemicals and substances used for sanitation and cleaning. It is even safe to use in food processing industries, such as the dairy industry meat facilities. If it’s safe to use in facilities that handle food for consumption, then it’s absolutely safe for multiple surfaces.

Chlorine dioxide is an effective bactericide, registered with EPA and meeting DIS/TISS standards for use as a disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide effectively inhibits biofilm formation and makes surfaces difficult to disinfect.

This quality has proven an excellent feature for food processing facilities where food product contamination can lead to heavy films. Chlorine dioxide works to disinfect and kill the negative bacterial effects of contamination, while safely sanitizing the area for safe usage.

Additional Benefits and Uses of This Powerful Substance

For food-contact surfaces, chlorine dioxide can be diluted to a concentrate as low as 5 parts-per-million (ppm). At this concentration, it can be used for the disinfecting and rapid killing of bacteria in less than the 30-minute period that is typical for disinfection studies. The economic value is excellent due to its powerful ability and usage even at such a small amount.

Chlorine dioxide has proven itself as an incredibly powerful substance, as it has shown its effectiveness at killing bacteria that is normally resistant to chemical and radiation disinfection, as well as carbon dioxide. Additionally, it has the ability to decontaminate the presence of pathogens that can lead to infection in such places as a hospital room.

Some other excellent features of chlorine dioxide are:

  • Chlorine dioxide has 2.6 times more oxidizing power than bleach chlorine, making it effective in preventing viruses and providing broad sanitization use.
  • Chlorine dioxide’s non-reactivity with water expands its potential applications.
  • The EPA and the FDA have registered and approved chlorine dioxide for use in food processing plants, certifying it as a sanitizer.
  • Chlorine dioxide is great for not only sanitation, but also odor control and water purification.

Problematic cells have limited ability to develop resistance to chlorine dioxide, making it a reliable sanitation tool. Chlorine dioxide effectively disinfects medical instruments and surfaces, ensuring a safe, virus-free environment.

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