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Skin, Pet & Food Surface Safe

Skin, Pet & Food Surface Safe
Omri, Nfpa Listed Ingredients
Epa, Nsf, Fda Cdc & Ftc Cleared
Easy, Effective & More Eco-Friendly



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Drinking and Treating Water

Versatile in water applications, chlorine dioxide is used to treat algae, biofilms, bacteria and more in water, and on water contact surfaces. In addition, Clean Solutions has made it safe and easy to make potable water. Used in Travel, Medical, Food Handling, and more!


Whether you’re moving in or out, or you just want to keep your home clean and sanitized, make sure you always use solutions designed for the surfaces in your home. Disinfect all your surfaces — wood, stainless steel, stone, even electronics with one solution.


Apply to hotels, vehicles, sails, water crafts, scuba & surf equipment, galleys, heads, bunks, bilges, bait, and more! Public spaces require regular cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing. Disinfect and kill all microorganisms, removing odors from spills or waste products.


Disinfection services can help maintain high levels of hygiene for high traffic, public places, such as: transportation hubs, industrial facilities, work, school, church, and other commercial properties. Fog to apply to entire rooms and treat all surfaces, hard and soft.


Our active ingredient, chlorine dioxide, has been proven effective against 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Chlorine Dioxide is safe for skin contact with no rinse required. Our system is compact, convenient and portable to keep you sanitized wherever you go.


Get hospital strength disinfection for your pet enclosures, kennels and animal hospitals. ClO₂ sanitizes and deodorizes odor as strong as skunks. Disinfects wastewater, potable water, tanks and lines within agricultural and horticultural environments and more.


“Chlorine dioxide can be used on food-contact surfaces (and) has demonstrated a rapid kill of bacteria. Because it is so powerful in such small amounts, it is also extremely economical.” Buy Clean Solutions to protect your food, business, home, and loved ones.


Chlorine Dioxide is versatile enough to sanitize and disinfect bedding, clothing, uniforms, wells, coolers, refrigerators, stainless steel, water systems, equipment and tools. From soft and porous, hard and tough, to skin and body, oral health or would irrigants.


FDA and EPA approved, our sanitizing solution is perfect for controlling and repelling insects and invasive pests like fleas, ticks, mosquitos, cockroaches and rodents. Chlorine Dioxide can even treat skin lesions and other related effects from pests and insects.


ClO₂ deactivates mold, mildew, smoke and other odors, airborne allergens, and pathogens. Excellent for water damage, mold remediation and odor removal by evenly diffusing throughout ventilation systems keeping patrons, loved ones and employees safe.

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VERISAN stands out for its exceptional versatility, unmatched efficacy, potent strength, and prioritized safety as a cleaning agent.


VERISAN is an incredibly effective cleaning agent, swiftly eliminating a wide range of microorganisms and contaminants.

Long-lasting Protection

VERISAN not only eliminates contaminants but also offers long-lasting residual protection. This means that even after the initial cleaning process.

Cost Efficient

With VERISAN, contaminants are efficiently eliminated, cleaning time is reduced, and operational costs are minimized in homes and across various industries.


Clean Solutions

Clean Solutions is a Bio Security firm that specializes in quickly finding custom economical solutions for micro-organic issues. We aim to improve commercial productivity and human health, through innovative and eco-friendly technology based products, and services.
Versatile in water applications, chlorine dioxide is used to treat algae, biofilms, bacteria and more in water, and on water contact surfaces. In addition, Clean Solutions has made it safe and easy to make potable water. Used in Travel, Medical, Food Handling, and more!

Stay Green | Stay Clean

We want you to know, Clean Solutions is committed to reducing our environmental footprint.
Our unique 2 part kits can produce between 1 and 10,000 gallons of safe, effective disinfectant solutions.

We eliminate more than 95% of petroleum plastics and shipping costs that buying gallons of conventional disinfectant would produce.

We also donate and contribute to oceanic rehabilitation.

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A lifetime supply fits in the palm of your hand and only costs 10% of what you’re used to.