Chlorine Dioxide Is Not Corrosive

Chlorine Dioxide Is Not Corrosive.

Many people are also familiar with  Chlorine Dioxide liquid solutions . They also know about their corrosive nature. However, these corrosive properties are due to the manner in which these solutions are made .It is also not the actual chlorine dioxide itself. Many liquid solutions are also made from a typical reaction as follows:

Base + Water + Activator → Acidified sodium chlorite + Chlorous acid + Chlorine dioxide.

For most Chlorine Dioxide liquid solutions, it is these two acidic byproducts. Acidified sodium chlorite and chlorous acid that give the solution its low pH (typically around 3) and corrosive properties. However, pure chlorine dioxide is non-corrosive neutral pH of 7. It is also not corrosive while dissolving in water .It is also gentle on materials. The table below shows common decontaminating agents and their oxidation (corrosion) potential. A higher oxidation potential means the agent is a strong oxidizer and thus more corrosive. As per observation, chlorine dioxide is also less corrosive than most of the common decontaminating agents.


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Similarly, as shown in the table above, chlorine dioxide is relatively low oxidation (corrosion) potential.1.9 times lower than hydrogen peroxide. Yet, due to the prevalent use of liquid chlorine dioxide. And  also its corrosive properties, a stigma exists that chlorine dioxide gas is corrosive. Chlorine Dioxide liquid solution’s corrosive properties stem from its generation chemistry. Hence, in that multiple acidic components are involved. It is these acids that give the liquid its corrosive qualities. Not the chlorine dioxide itself. Our pure chlorine dioxide gas is gentle also on materials. It should also not labeled same as liquid chlorine dioxide products.

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