How To Sanitize Gyms, Locker Rooms, And Athletic Equipment – Complete Guide

During the Coronavirus pandemic, How to Sanitize Gyms Locker Rooms, how can individuals keep gyms and locker rooms clean?

The methods of disinfection utilized in gyms, locker rooms, and exercise equipment have all been questioned.

Chlorine dioxide as a strong disinfectant for Gyms

Chlorine dioxide can kill and destroy any type of microbes due to its strong oxidant action. You can find applications of chlorine dioxide in various fields such as water treatment, food disinfection, and disinfection of various materials and surfaces. How to Sanitize Gyms Locker Rooms. The presence of high levels of bacteria and viruses on surfaces causes serious problems when coming in contact with the human body.

The problem of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is common in gyms, schools, and colleges. Athletes are strong and tough, but strains of MRSA, a bacterium, are difficult to treat due to increasing antibiotic resistance. In locker rooms and gyms, we use a variety of disinfecting solutions to provide a safe environment for visitors. How to Sanitize Gyms Locker Rooms. Most of them are not effective against MRSA. Nowadays, people are increasingly using chlorine dioxide because of its effective disinfecting properties for gym equipment and locker rooms. Different people in gyms, health clubs, and locker rooms share various types of equipment, leading to skin-to-skin contact. MRSA spread easily in these areas.

Why should we clean athletic and gym equipment and facilities?

In the scenario of Covid-19, it is essential to keep all the equipment and area of the gym, and locker room clean. We achieve it by disinfecting shared equipment to prevent contamination and MRSA infection. Disinfect the area and equipment and give sufficient time to dry. In gyms, the chances of contamination are high as bacteria or other germs can spread from one user to another through touching and sweating. To keep athletes and staff healthy, we must disinfect with chlorine dioxide. It’s better to dispose of furniture and equipment that cannot be cleaned properly because of surface damage. When cleaning equipment and furniture, keep in mind to clean them without causing harm, following the manufacturer’s specifications 3.

How to keep athletic equipment and facilities clean?

  • Review the items in gyms and locker rooms to be disinfected with chlorine dioxide at regular intervals.
  • The aim to clean and disinfect is to focus on the most commonly used items or items that directly come in contact with the bare skin of people.
  • Use such disinfecting agents that can kill a variety of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. It must be kept in mind the disinfectant must be of good quality and approved by the relevant authorities.
  • The use of chlorine dioxide must be according to the label for proper safety. Chlorine dioxide used must be free from impurities or chemicals so that it may not cause any damage to the skin or cause irritation of the eye and other health complications. Athletes must wear masks, and other personal protective equipment like gloves to protect them from such chemicals.

How much do I need?

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